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Kefir is  One of The Oldest
Remedies Known To Man

Kefir is considered a nutritious drink suitable for any diet . Kefir is very similar to cultured buttermilk, yogurt and any other fermented milk

Traditional kefir is manufactured using kefir "grains," which are porous structures resembling small cauliflower florets; the grains hold the microorganisms that are responsible for the fermentation process. The bacteria and fungus which make up the grains include lactic acid streptococci, leuconostocs, lactobacilli, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria.

After fermentation, 1 mL of good quality kefir contains 10,000 to 10,000,000,000 microbes! . Kefir  has a sourly taste and can be produced  from whole, low-fat or skim milk.

In today’s world we are subject to an endless variety of processed foods which lack the necessary bacteria to support a healthy body. Kefir offer a great food supplement by promoting a healthy alternative to these bad foods and can definitely “redefine your health™”

At we share our knowledge and love for kefir. We welcome all visitors and will be happy to answer whatever question you may have.

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